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Software and Hardware Environment

Tracker is designed for use with TurboImage, KSAM, VPLUS, and COBOL ANSI 85 products on the Hewlett-Packard 3000 computer running MPE or MPE/XL operating systems. A native mode version of Tracker is available for use with the MPE/XL operating systems. Tracker utilizes a minimum of 50,000 sectors of disc space and does require the use of terminals / personal computers supporting block mode applications. Tracker is also available for the Hewlett-Packard 9000 computer running HP-UX.



Tracker benefits departments and users alike by:

Automating the management of requests / problems Providing reportable statistics easily
Improving response time to user / customer inquiriesAllowing a higher visibility of requests / problems
Saving time on analysis and resolution of requests / problemsImproving accuracy and time to resolution of user / customer inquiries
Enhancing the rapport with other departmentsReducing overall support costs
Automating the management of hardware device, software products, and contract informationEnhancing hardware / software / asset security administration
Providing on-line access as to the status of requests and problemsProviding documentation of the life cycle of a request, issue, or problem
Automating asset managementEnhancing inventory control

Product Support / Maintenance Agreement

The GBS Consultants, Inc. support organization is committed to ensuring that you receive the highest value from your investment in Tracker software. The effort doesn't end when the software is delivered. GBS Consultants, Inc. provides technical support via a toll free number or remote dial up access. For this reason, we provide:

Consulting ServicesHelp Desk ManagementCustomer Service
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